Monday, May 31, 2010


Lilli loves her Haleigh! Sitting by the pool!

My Nephew with Lilli
Haleigh, my niece, loving on Lillian
So those are some pictures from our first weekend out of town! She is just comin around each day more and more, I love it! Her personality makes me laugh, espesially when its just she and I- she's funny, but I think only a mom would say that!
I had a bbq this weekend and i had several people over and there were 2 other babies here! It was so much fun, I was nervous but went with the flow, Lillian is healthy and theyre babies are healthy so we did it! I loved it, we drank, ate, played board games, played with the babies- this is just the begining of my new life... so crazy! I havent been able to stop stressing though about work. I need to make money, and I would hate to give up on school... but I already have my cosmetology license.. soo I COULD go to a nice salon and do hair- I only use Aveda products- WOULD YOU GUYS COME IN AS MY CLIENTS? I could do that to make some money and get Lilli and I started on our own, and finish school later...
What are your suggestions? As far as school goes, I am close to my assosiates, but definately would need my bachelors and that'll take another 2 years, and a child life specialist takes a masters degree... COMMENTS, SUGGESTIONS!!! hahaha
I hope that everyone had an amazing memorial weekend- God Bless our troop, and all the past and present and future soldiers in america :0)

Oh ya, Lilli has an appt with her Renal dr's tomorrow- the blood pressure meds... I hope they cut em off! and then the next week is pulmonary! ahh! reallly hoping oxygen comes off!!!
Talk to you guys soon! Have a wonderful week!

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Kahla said...

She is just precious!!! And look at you, you are doing this Mommy gig and making it look easy!! If I were closer, I would totally be your client (we live about an hour north of Houston). Still no help on the whole school thing though, took me forever to figure it out!