Sunday, May 9, 2010

....Just in Time.... Sat. May8th

Saturday! Whata Day! We got discharged from the hospital! YAY! It was a dumb process because my doctor was out of town, but we got home safe and sound! She didnt even open her eyes until we were just about home, she looked alll around the car :0) it was soo cute. I had a friend spend the night to help me just in case of anything happening last night, Kaitlin, thank goodness! I attempted to give Lillian a bath at home... so we took her off her oxygen and filled up the baby tub that has a sling in it... and sat her in it... and wam!! Her nerves got the best of her! She poo'd alll in the tub, and she was NOT happy... for a second I freaked out and told Kaitlin to go grab the oxygen tank because she was SO mad she was turning purple... but she calmed down... haha. Just so everyone knows, I have a TON of experience with newborns and babies of all ages. I love it, and I pride myself on being great at taking care of kiddos and on my "motherly instincts"... but MAN, my little girl is giving me a run for my money! :0)
I love it! We already had a few visitors, Tara and Amanda, and Rachel and she took a couple looks at them all and went right back to sleep. I know it will take a little time for eveyrthing to get figured out as far as oxygen tanks and feedings go, but so far- so wonderful! The night went pretty darn smoothly too! Thanks to the bottle warmer Tara just brought me! I had all her bottles in the room and just warmed em up, poored them into her syring and we were good to go! And she didnt even wake up when I had to pump several times! So what a wonderful mothers day I get to have with her! We are going to church with Kaitlin and her mama, and then maybe going to visit Tara and her mommy for mothers day as well! Dont wanna overdo it, but so far she's doing great, Im going by her signs and signals! :0)
Im so excited to see how life begins to work itself out now that she is where she belongs!
I am so grateful to have a daughter that amazes me daily and everything she has gone through and accomplished in less than two months of age!!! Thank you all for the support and prayers.
We love you!
Lauren and Lillian

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Saz said...

So glad to hear you are home safe & sound, Lauren. I have been following your journey for a couple of weeks now, kinda stumbled on it by accident but am glad I did. Enjoy every minute, I have a 23 year old daughter and believe everyone when they tell you that time flies, it does !!! I was a single mother for the first 11 years of her life and we did just fine together, I wish you the same,