Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The year was 2010...

Good Evening!
We did our part of the paternity testing today, now HIS turn to put forth some effort! Poor baby gagged on the q tip b/c I had to rub it on the roof of her mouth- very sensitive spot for her... and I do to it for 10 seconds, twice! So rediculous. In case no one can tell.. she looks nothing like me- its clear as daylight. WHATEVER! I also made a pit stop at the turner foundation and got some busy work to help out with! I am so ready to find a new crowd that can enrich our lives! We'll see how things roll out.
My grandpaw is still in the hospital, they are now talking about a pace maker in the morning... So, as far as I know that is local and not too dangerous- But needs prayers please...
After all that Ive been going through, I have been researching more into occupational therapists, and jobs that ECI offers... I am so interested in that. It seems very tight nit. You work with a specific several familiies for 3 years, teaching their children... helping them grow... I would just enjoy doing that so much, it's kind of like a child life specialst... maybe I can find something that requires less school... because lets be honest- I dont have time to be in school for the rest of my life! And these occupations would suite me just WONDERFULLY! Any advice or info?
Tomororw we go back to Lillian pedi surgeon to check her insides I guess, all the work he did from the diaphragmatic hernia... and Im going to ask about her belly button, and WE GET TO SEE OUT NURSES! I hope a few are there! Im so excited!  Also- she pulled out her ng tube for the first time today! all the way out!! so I had to put it back in after a few hours... it wasnt bad this evening... And we started adding forumla to the breastmilk... I hope this helps something.... whether it be gaining weight, or holding her foods down, or something!
Thank you all for supporting me, and I am open to suggestions and options on how to do alot of these things... I love peoples opinions.
Hope you all have a wonderful night, and please say a quick prayer for my grandpaw!
Lauren n Lilli

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Kahla said...

Sadly, if he doesn't get with the program, the only one that will be missing out is her Daddy. Keep hanging in there and hoping all goes well w/your grandfather!

I'm not help in the schooling, I'm a teacher and sometimes rethink that myself! ;o)