Monday, May 17, 2010

Vaccines and STUFF

I got one of her vaccines today, the other I am getting in 3 weeks. She did pretty well, they had to draw blood as wel to check for her thyroid levels. She only gained an ounce. NOT GOOD. So we are puttin her on prevacid and trying to do her feedings a little different.
I still cant stand my ob and need a new one. suggestions?
I am not looking forward to this week full of filling out papers and hawling Lillian around, but It must be done! Thursday Im hittin the road with my family, going to our ranch. So I can get aLOT of R&R. whew.
Im so glad I got responses on my feelings and opinions on vaccines! Thank ya'll!! I am going to go and try and heal myself with some chocolate milk and cuddlin up with my nugget before I lay her in her own bed!!
Lauren and Lillian


Melinda Sralla said...

Hi Lauren,

I am so sorry I did not get to meet you and Lillian yesterday while we were at the TC clinic.

I was looking forward to seeing that "sweet one" :) I hope to come visit sometime with Amanda.

Enjoy your weekend away. Remember that others are praying for you. God is doing a mighty work in your life.



Tara Gates said...

I hope your grandpaw is doing better! You need to check out NW Women's Center for an OB. It's right by Willowbrook Methodist off of Dotson Road. I know MANY people who go there! My Dr. was Dr. White, and my mom and Amanda see different people there too-you should check them out!