Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Short Update :0)

Well, since we have been home I have been busy busy busy! Lillian is progressing more and more each day- just moving her arms and legs and really showing her personality more! I practice with the binki and bottle everyday, but I am not recording how much she takes out of the bottle. I just want to make sure, like they told me at the hospital, that she is enjoying the time she uses the bottle- and as soon as we get our O.T. I'll let her tell me when to start recording the milk intake from the bottle...
Next week we have an appointment EVERY day except for friday! Pediatrician monday for vaccines and thyroid check; Tuesday ECI comes to evaluate, Weds. O.T. evaluation, and Thursday PT evaluation! Poor girl is gonna be so worn out! Find clothes that fit her is soo tough! She is too big for preemie and most newborn outfits are TOO big for HER! Tomorrow was SUPPOSED  to be our initial child support negotiation meeting but her father called and rescheduled it. Im fuming from my ears- how can you be so selfish and cruel to such an angel!?? HOW can you NOT want to be around to see her flourish?! So, if anyone has any suggestions on what I should do, how to get the ball rolling on child support, please let me know!
Im finishing up finals this week and still getting the hang of having all the tubes and supplies by my sides at all times... if I dont have something right next to me, and no one else is around- it is VERY difficult to get up and get it... sometimes its litterally impossible! One day I didnt have anything to hold her syring full of milk up (because we hang it and let it flow in by gravity) and so I had to sit there and hold it--- woooww, talk about patience! It takes about an hour to go in... sometimes more... Anyways, she is doing wonderful and being a sweeet litlte girl!
I am anxious to get her off this blood pressure medication too bc it makes her sleep ALLL DAY! She's awak now so we're gonna go play!
playing with her pa-pa after a nice bath! I took out her ng tube and oxygen tube alone at home for the first time! look at that pretty face!
Lauren and Lillian

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Kami said...

She is so perfect!

I remember those weeks of non stop doctor appointments! They seem endless. One day we had FOUR appointments in one day all at different locations!! It does get better! Our appt frequency has definitely decreased now!

Glad things at home are going well for the most part!!!