Monday, May 3, 2010

AM Rounds!!

Cant wait to make it to rounds in the morning so I can meet the new Dr. and tell him to get me OUT of there! Ive asked all the questions I can think of each day, several times... Im just ready! And so is she!!
I cant wait for her to see the world!! ahhh!
I had an emotional day, there was another baby boy on ECMO, he was on for a long time, but they noticed bleeding in his brain- ( its scary becasue they checked that daily with Lillian as well, luckily none was ever noticed..) so they had to remove the ECMO and when they did, he had a stroke, and there was unfortunately no brain activity. I cried over that, and then today they had to tell the parents about making a desicion on when to stop supporting his life. It crushed my heart. I am so grateful to God and the prayers I got that Lillian got through all that... and safely! They always told me about the side effects or possibilities over and over of the ECMO... its just so sad that this family has to go through it. My prayers are with them all, and I hope you guys can too.
Lillian is doin good, it felt so real today when several nurses came to say goodbye to us when their shifts were over- bc they wont see us again... Im sure I'll come visit, and have lots of questions! Yesterday my grandpa and sister and niece came to visit Lillian! She loved it!! She had just gotten a bath and all dressed up and she just loved being in their arms!!
Not much more updates tonight, but im exhausted and tomorow is a big day-- CPR! and NEW DOCTORS! wooo!

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Amanda Hoyt said...

So sad for that family. Praying.
So excited for you and Lillian!
Thursday - your birthday and Lillian's homecoming - Woo Hoo!!! :)

Love ya,