Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Ball is Rollin!!

Lillian passed her "car seat test" and so did Mommy! WOOHOO~ haha, I had to learn how to install the car seat base correctly and securly and then Lilli had to sit in the car seat buckled in (in the hospital) for around an hour-since that is the duration it would take us to drive home. They monitor the babies to make sure their vitals dont go crazy or anything like that- she just slept the entire time, of course! They started her blood pressure medication today as well, not too much of a difference in the blood pressure- hopefully they dont have to increase the dose. They drew blood this morning and found THYROID ABNORMALITIES! Go figure. Seeing I have Graves disease and she has Turner Syndrome I figured she couldnt get away from that one! They are having an endocrinologist come talk to me and check her out soon. Most of these doctors are doctors she will need in the future in relation to Turner syndrome, so at least I am getting a feel for a few of them now, maybe I wont have to search for ones by myself later down the line!!
With the bottle today she only took 2 cc's... but she's got the sucking down! Just gotta coordinate the breathing and swallowing with it. As far as the nursing goes, she was a little more interested today than she has been, but still didnt do much of anything other than stare at me :0)
I got tons of info today and began to schedule my cpr class that they will make me take as well! It seems like it is all coming together vvveery quickly... This weekend I plan on making sure everything is clean and organized and that I have everything I need/want in order before her home arrival!! Gonna try and squeeze in a pedicure seeing the 2 weeks in a hospital for myself and the 6 or so that ive been in tch for her hasnt done the best things for my skin- it SO dry in the hospitals!! And I surely wont have anytime for one when she arrives home, I know it'll be tough getting used to the oxygen and feeding tube here on my own! Travel will be limited until Im comfortable with it all...
Startin to become so real and scary, I still am in shock that I even had  a baby! Anyway, counting down the days and soon the hours! Thank you for being there for us!
Lauren and Lillian


teresa said...

Awesome update!!! Yay Lilli Bug - you go girl!!!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Missed coming back to see you on Thursday at TCH - hope to come see you at your house with Lillian this next weekend!!! :) WOW!!