Friday, April 23, 2010

The 22nd, "My birthday is in 2 weeks"

NO MORE PICC LINE!! Yay! Now I can just pick her up and change her diaper and have fun with her without worrying about the needle in her leggy!! It was such a good day, I was up at TCH for even longer than normal, I got there pretty early and I grabbed my pillow out of my locker, layed it on my lap and spawled Lillian out on it :0)   Time for the real world little mama, cant be swaddled forever! She didnt hardly flinch, just layed there all sprawled out and slept while I read all the information I could on Turner Syndrome that Amanda brought me :0) (LOVE YOU!) Once you think youve read it all... there are always more concerns and new findings... but like I've said, we are ready! In one of my classes last semester we were asked this: " Handicap- Blessing or Curse?" (Lillian isnt handicapped) but my answer was yes, even then. All that has happened is a blessing, some things in disguise, and others are clearly a blessing. It has brought my family and friends together, I've made NEW, amazing friends throught this, she will be able to take pride in her life story without having to wait until she is 30 years old! There are so many reasons I feel so blessed that this happened to ME, but I dont want to get emotional...
My birthday is MAY 6TH. That was 2 weeks from yesterday. And I will guarantee that my daughter will be home on or before then. I told her and told her several times, you need to accomplish THIS, and you need to do it in your own time, when you feel good enough to, and God will help you... But now that she has been there a month, now that I can see in her eyes she is strong, I have been telling her the past week or so- you need to come home SOON, 2 weeks max- She's been there long enough, and I feel like now we need EACH OTHER and NOT the doctors...
So just keep waiting... I'll let you know her discharge date next week... PROMISE you.
DONT FORGET- the bow fundraiser ends SUNDAY! Go check out the site, they are so cute, surely you know SOMEONE with hair to purchase one for! ALSO- the teddy bear fundraiser is still up, so go check em out, they make awsome gifts!
Lauren & Lillian


Amanda Hoyt said...

Y'all are going to be such a source of strength, peace and love for eachother! Can't wait for the day that Tara, Teresa and I can all visit y'all together at home!!!!
Love you too!
Hugs & prayers,

Lauren and Lillian said...

We are ready for the world! Im telling you, unless Im crazy, you can feel how ready she is! Man, today she was just sucking her binki like she's been doin it the whole month! She is READY.