Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday Fun-Day!

havin dreams of kissin her mama!
Today was the first day for her to wear pants! haha, they are the ONLY pair of newborn pants I have too.. And that precious shirt is from her best friends mommy- TARA! :0)
Tomorrow the doctors change again... ONCE A MONTH! So my nurse, thank GOD it I had the nurse I love most today, we made a list of things I need to do and ask and update the doctors on so that we can get the HECK out of there... Otherwise, they would wait until THEY knew my baby and felt okay with sending her home. and that is NOT OK. Times on my watch now and I want her home and she's ready! If I knew how to upload the videos off my iphone to here I would... ah! She was so wide awake today and just smiling and looking at me and playin with her tounge! Getting better and better at sucking! I knew she'd do this.. Her blood pressure is still high so they are checking her kidneys tomorrow to make sure there is no clotting around or near them. It may just be a withdrawal from morphine. Other than that, I asked if I could do "non nutritive" feedings.. that is where I go pump and then come back and practice breast feeding with her, and that way since she cant swallow correctly just yet, she wouldnt have milk squirting down her poor throwt. Its to the point where when Im up there, I feel like I should be packing her stuff and litterally carrying her out with me... everything is getting frustrating and thats how I know its time. Even laying in the recliner is irritating, cords gettin caught in stuff, lights goin on in off, babies crying, my neck is killing me.. ect ect ect! Then the nurse came up to me one day bc I had Lillian lying on my chest and we were sleeping and she said, Ms Flournoy, your fixing to drop her.. and lifted her up and put her in a different position.. UHHH hey lady, Im no dummy! She was laying on my boob... not goin anywhere!!! grrr, It's just time for us to be home unless they are going to do something with her, you can really feel it when you stay there that she is done with the place. Maybe she knows she needs a little more work, but that up there they arent giving her what she needs. Layin in one bed all day staring at the same ceiling must be misserable!
Changing the subject- her dad called me today and informed me he moved to San Antonio today. Awsome. So... that Attorney General Letter thats on its way is going to get sent to you HOW? Oh, cool, Ill have to contract them AGAIN and sit on hold for an hour and wait until they decide to RESEND another letter to your new apartment. sheezuz. What. A. Winner.
Time to work on awsome homework- LIKE THATS THE FIRST THING ON MY MIND! PAH!
Im doing this all for Lillian...
we will be seeing everyone very soon!

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Amanda Hoyt said...

Keep up the GREAT work and positive attitude, Momma! You and Lillian are almost HOME!! :)
Love ya both