Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Dear Lillian (aka Lilli Bug, Lilli and Nugget),

You are such a miracle from Heaven!  You have survived more trials in your short life than most of us ever will.  You are a fighter and have made many believers of miracles out of your life story. Seeing you grow up has been awesome!  Thank you (and your mommy) for allowing me to know you.  I know this year will be easier than the last and weight will be put on and more milestones will be passed!  The Lord is helping you and your mommy through this each and every day!

Happy birthday sweet girl!  You are an amazing source of strength to others!


P.S. Mommy - you are such a fighter too!  You have made the best out of the life which was planned for you long before your time.  All of your struggles will seem trivial to seeing your precious baby girl grow.  Know that you have a wonderful support system and many prayer warriors on your side.  Most of us may be in the "cyber world" or wherever, but we all root for you two everyday!  Happy 1st mommy day to you!!

Lillian at TCH - March 2010

Lillian at Home - 3/22/11

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time soars by

Hey guys!
Well, so much has happened and
As always, I am juggling all of life and forgetting to update!
HERE we are, almost a YEAR since my miracle came to life... We have spent a total of 13 weeks in the hospital, this doesn't
Include our ER trips and daily visits! BUT WE ARE SO HAPPY AND PROGRESSING! Lillian
Had a Gtube and fundoplycation in February, and handled the surgery like a champ! Didn't need to be on oxygen afterwards or anything! We were sent home 4 days later!
She weighs 11.3 lbs, is practically rolling over, but because of her sensory issues, will NOT use her arms to help her roll! She LOVES swinging at therapy! We go 4 days a week for OT, pT, and speech. She smiles and is beginning to giggle quietly now and
Again. She splashes her hands in the bathtub and still HATES lotion.
She eats babY food more and more often (by mouth) sweet potato is her
Favorite! We are anxiously awaiting her 1st birthday on MARCH 22nd!!!
Thank you Amanda Hoyt for helping me set this blog up, I love being able to look back at the dates and see where I was at certain times...
I, have also enrolled in university of Phoenix to complete my phycology degree all online! I'm in DESPERATE need of mommy friends my age, and even hoping for some
With special needs children
So we can relate! So if you all know anyone near Houston, please let me know! I love to have company on weekends and Lillian loves
Other kids! Thank everyone who
Continuously or even once prayed for us... Without God, there is no telling where we would be.

Friday, February 4, 2011

 Krista passed before seeing so much from Chance, but he needs to know, SHE is the reason he lived, SHE is the reason he made it as well as he is... Crawling everywhere now, almost walking!! His mom fought hard for his life...
Chance turned ONE this week... In his fathers custody, he spend a few hours at Chillis with his Grandparents who know him best.
They all have pictures of him, with him... but there are none with him and Krista.. And that is what hurts me the worst... I just feel like so many prayers should go out to my friends family... To me it still feels unrealistic, and the hardest time for me are like this, when im in the hospital, because shes the only one who could call, KNOWING what im going through, and tell me, look girl, its gonna be okay! your so strong, we are the strongest mommies! And lift my spirits just like that..

Happy Birthday Chance Hunter Adams.. sweet boy
We all miss you Krista, I hope your enjoying it up there, although, I know you must still cry with us for happiness of your son.
I wish I could raise him. And be all that you were. But the law is the law... and it has been set.
God has his plans for us all...
I know, that because Im a mess right now, this is all out of wack. but mainly, the point here is, please PLEASE pray for my Angel Krista, her family, and her son who is now in his fathers custody...

Sad Sad Day


 Krista was a friend of mine, whose son was in Texas Childrens Hospital, she was a single mom. Staying up here day and night. Nursing him to health the best she could. Teaching me the ropes while Lillian was in Nicu...
We spent our weekends together growing into mommies.
Talking about our experience as YOUNG SINGLE MOTHER OF CHILDREN like ours...
We had plans for Chance and Lillian to grow up together... We took them trick or treating together, shopping together... pumpkin patch together...
played at home together... They were our family...
I have a voicemail on my phone from Krista, reassuring me of the stregnth I have, she left this voicemail in November, while we were stuck in TCH. A few weeks after that, I finally got to see her... one. last. time.

We met up at St. Arnolds brewery- she texted me, sorry we are running late! I told chris to drive like speedy ganzalas! Cant wait to see you!
We drank, and laughed, played with Chance... Krista was not feeling well.
We went to eat, we all shared a big salad and some deviled eggs. Couple beers. Then we went our seperate ways. I needed to get home to Lilli, Krista and Chance went to Suzies...
I lay in the bath that night... and text Krista, "hey are you bored? come over here! we are cooking"
she said, sure, how will I get there... in the end, I had my boyfriend go get her and bring her and Chance over. ONE. Last. Time.
Krista changed outfits in the pantry in the kitchen because both bathrooms had been occupied and were STINKY! lol She looked beautiful in everything she wore, but I told her to wear the same outfit that she wore on her birthday, I thought it looked best. She went out in it... her dad picked up chance for the night...
And Krista and her date had the time of their lives at Big Texas..
She went home to her son, told her paretns thank you, that she loved them, and that this guy was great to her.
She took her son upstairs, and ultimately fell asleep at her computer that night... Im hoping it was while she was on facebook :0) writing to one of her friends about her awesome night...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Updates On LilliaN since November!

Hi all,
I am sorry I havent updated in forever!! SO, In november Lillian was intubated for 5 days due to a upper respiratory infection. When they extubated her, she had a very hard time, her heart rate was over 200 for 30 mins... they were worried they would have to re intubate her... but thank GOD they didnt have to.
We slowly "thought" she was getting better.. she came home.. and a month later we were back in the hospital with the same issues. Our new pediatrician, Dr. Ramsey, who is AAAMAZING, had us stay at north cypress hospital center- and they took care of her, with antibiotics and steroids and oxygen. And sent  us home on oxygen. It has now been 2 weeks and we are back in Texas Children Hospital- With the SAME ISSUES!! The good news is, Monday she is getting her G-BUTTON!!!! The final desicion that I am having to make before then, is to do a GJ TUBE OR A FUNDO AND GBUTTON... please help me with what you know :9)
She is now 10 months old, and 10.10 lbs, she is doing wonderful, almost rolling over, trying hard to sit, eating more and more by mouth on a daily basis! Thank you all for the wonderful prayers. and any advice. please, help! i know it is last minuit! Thanks so much
Lauren and Lillian