Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time soars by

Hey guys!
Well, so much has happened and
As always, I am juggling all of life and forgetting to update!
HERE we are, almost a YEAR since my miracle came to life... We have spent a total of 13 weeks in the hospital, this doesn't
Include our ER trips and daily visits! BUT WE ARE SO HAPPY AND PROGRESSING! Lillian
Had a Gtube and fundoplycation in February, and handled the surgery like a champ! Didn't need to be on oxygen afterwards or anything! We were sent home 4 days later!
She weighs 11.3 lbs, is practically rolling over, but because of her sensory issues, will NOT use her arms to help her roll! She LOVES swinging at therapy! We go 4 days a week for OT, pT, and speech. She smiles and is beginning to giggle quietly now and
Again. She splashes her hands in the bathtub and still HATES lotion.
She eats babY food more and more often (by mouth) sweet potato is her
Favorite! We are anxiously awaiting her 1st birthday on MARCH 22nd!!!
Thank you Amanda Hoyt for helping me set this blog up, I love being able to look back at the dates and see where I was at certain times...
I, have also enrolled in university of Phoenix to complete my phycology degree all online! I'm in DESPERATE need of mommy friends my age, and even hoping for some
With special needs children
So we can relate! So if you all know anyone near Houston, please let me know! I love to have company on weekends and Lillian loves
Other kids! Thank everyone who
Continuously or even once prayed for us... Without God, there is no telling where we would be.

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