Wednesday, September 29, 2010

G.I. Update

Our Gi appointment went great today. I appreciate our doctor so much! She talks to me for at least an hour! She is not UNsatisfied with Lillian progress, and says, she is just going to be a petite little girl...
She suggested that after the swallow test we have next week, if it shows that Lillis is asperating, THEN I may want to really consider a GBUTTON- because that means, more than likely, it will be awhile for Lillian to get all her nutrition by mouth, although she is eating baby food. Milk and other liquids will be tough to get in her, and GBUTTON is just longer term than her NG tube. She weighs 9.01 oz today!!! And that is even though she has been spitting up/throwing up and diahrea for the last few days!!
I had someone ask me today "she was born with teeth?" lol im assuming because she was so small, i had to explain she is 6 months old! I showed up to my endocrinologist today and was told my appointment was yesterday!! DAMN! Well, there is a first time for everything... I am usually so on top of appointments... guess its mommy brain- and Im sure its here to stay! Im hoping to start getting to church on Sundays on a regular basis with a friend of mine who's son was in the NICU at the same time we were... Im definately tiring myself out, but at the same time... I dont know exactly how to "get a break" or what type of break I even need.... I feel like a change is needed and just dont know what!
A good hearted single man may work!! Hahaha! No, but really... any takers?
Hope you all had an awsome wednesday! Almost the weekend!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Once Again... Askin for Help!!

Happy Tuesday, almost Wednesday!!
I got a phone call explaining that Lillian HAS BEEN APPROVED FOR S.S.I.!! I am SO excited about that, I am hoping for some help there. I was once told, by ECI, that by being approved for SSI, you are automatically approved for medicaid. Anyone know if I have to apply for medicaid still?
Also, any other programs or help for children with disabilities? I love getting advice from other parents and help from all around, it is all useful in some way or another..
Tomorrow I go in to MY endocrine doctor :0(   BLA. I have Graves disease, and it went into remission before I became pregnant but after Lillian was born, it struck again! So, Im sure this means MORE MEDICATIONS in our house, ugh, this time for me... After that we have her OT appointment, and then GI appointment. And Friday we go to get her eyes checked, when she cries, one of her eyelids seems to water more than the other, and swells and overlaps her bottom eyelid... its rather creepy!! Last time we saw him, he said it was probably pink eye... well, its been 2 months, ITS NOT PINK EYE!! Im sure its just a stye or something, but they have to check her vision anyways!
I am thinking about looking into going to see a therapist myself soon too if there are any suggestions there! hhahaha- just one more appointment to add to our books. May as well take advantage of this free time while Ive got it, before school next semester!
Also looking for somewhere for Lillian AND myself to get baptized soon!
Oh, other than all the boring things, she is starting to "coo" more and more, today at therapy she was all smiles and talking in her girly little voice sooo loud, it was too cute. She has some BIG top teeth coming in! Definately my fault :0( rabbit teeth! Still cute as ever though!
Ill let ya know how the GI doctor goes... Thanks for keeping up- and every prayer counts! Thanks for them all, and ALL the advice!
Have a Great Wednesday!!
Lauren and Lillian

Monday, September 27, 2010

Half a YEar!!

Happy Half a YEAR to my little chicken nugget!!! My computer has been broken and I finally got it back today! I feel like I have so much catching up to do, emailing doctors and ssi people and crap! And telling yall that lilli is pushin 9 lbs still and has 2 TEETHERS!! She is cooing more and more each day... Her neurologist said she is far behind... well no crap... ALREADY KNEW THAT!!!
The paper work for her growth hormones is going through... I will have to administer those nightly in her thigh... I will go through a training course.... I should just become a damn nurse now. ugh.
I went to school and found out that after my internship next sememster, I can get a job at any drug abuse or substance abuse or rehab place... then I have 10 classes til my assosciates... so... not too bad.
We have Lillis GI appointment weds. its pretty important!!! Im interesteed to hear what she says... I know Lillian hasnt gained the appropriate weight, but she is eating baby food by mouth!!! ah! Im going to be a wreck! We were in san antonio over the weekend and saw her daddy. She is so special to him, and I know that when she grows up, they will have something special im sure... she already reminds me of him... and not just her looks!

Ill catch up more when Im not so rushed! Thanks for all your support! I hope everyone is doing good, I really do!! Love~

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good Lord!

What a day! All these teeth hurting my baby are really starting to hurt me!!!
I'm sooo exhausted of the crying. Besides all that, the antibiotics she's on are not doin a tummy well!! Having some pain :-(
Lucky us, Lillian was in a wonderful mood for our Cy Fair magazine shoot. They came brand took our pictures- I had such a hard time with acting serious! We got it done though, and I think it'll be out in November!
Thanks forkeeping up with us:) people on here have truly restored my faith in humanity, and god!!!
We have some pretty critical appts Monday! I'll let ya know!

Blog Makeover in Progress

Please pardon the dust...this blog is under construction for a few days.
We hope you are all doing well.
Friends of Lauren & Lillian

Rounding 6 Months!!

I havent gotten to write in a lonnng time! Im so thankful people still care. Im sorry.
But, on the upside, doctors appointments have NOT slowed down! hahaha! Still daily, if not, weekly for sure! She is doing wonderful! A mear 8.2 lbs!! She eats baby foods by mouth and takes 3 1/2 oz thru the NG tube. We LOVE our O.T. today Lillian did outstanding... and just smiled at her the enitre time they worked together. I hope it only gets better and better. She was diagnosed with SPD, sensory processing disorder, and we are still getting used to that, but, its just another small thing to add to the current list, and I can just see that this list will not last forever! Shes so tough. She is smiling. She has her first bottom tooth. She love this rain stick we have, and she loves green beans! She loves to be out and about with mommy, much more fun to her than sitting at home with all her plain toys, even though we are overloaded on those. She is just interested in seeing the world for now I guess! We are recieving child support bi weekly from her father, and he "tries his best" to be involved. And thats good enough for us. We have plenty keeping us busy! Today I went to school to talk about my quickest way out of there! And, I will need to sign up for the internship again next semester, get it, work 17 hrs a week there, and go to class once a week, I may also do an online class. And then, I can file for my CI- counselor intern status. And Ill have My LCDC certificate and Ci status. Then while I am completing the 10 courses left on my associates degree, I will file to do the state licencing exam for counseling... not sure what all that means yet... haha, one step at a time though! So, keep your eyes and ears open for substance abuse conselors, or anything related that I could get my feet in the door!
Also, Cy-Fair Magazine is sending out a photographer here tomorrow! We will be in the fall or holiday issue, not sure what its called, it will be out in November sometime! Our picture and story! So, Spread the word!
One more note- I am dying to put together a 5k fun run for CONGENITAL DIAPHRAGMATIC HERNIAS- any help, please please email me!!!
Thank you guys for reading and praying.
Our life is run so smoothly by the prayers through God.
Lauren and Lillian