Monday, September 27, 2010

Half a YEar!!

Happy Half a YEAR to my little chicken nugget!!! My computer has been broken and I finally got it back today! I feel like I have so much catching up to do, emailing doctors and ssi people and crap! And telling yall that lilli is pushin 9 lbs still and has 2 TEETHERS!! She is cooing more and more each day... Her neurologist said she is far behind... well no crap... ALREADY KNEW THAT!!!
The paper work for her growth hormones is going through... I will have to administer those nightly in her thigh... I will go through a training course.... I should just become a damn nurse now. ugh.
I went to school and found out that after my internship next sememster, I can get a job at any drug abuse or substance abuse or rehab place... then I have 10 classes til my assosciates... so... not too bad.
We have Lillis GI appointment weds. its pretty important!!! Im interesteed to hear what she says... I know Lillian hasnt gained the appropriate weight, but she is eating baby food by mouth!!! ah! Im going to be a wreck! We were in san antonio over the weekend and saw her daddy. She is so special to him, and I know that when she grows up, they will have something special im sure... she already reminds me of him... and not just her looks!

Ill catch up more when Im not so rushed! Thanks for all your support! I hope everyone is doing good, I really do!! Love~

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Kahla said...

Wow, half a year already!!! Happy 6 month birthday sweet little Princess!!!