Wednesday, September 29, 2010

G.I. Update

Our Gi appointment went great today. I appreciate our doctor so much! She talks to me for at least an hour! She is not UNsatisfied with Lillian progress, and says, she is just going to be a petite little girl...
She suggested that after the swallow test we have next week, if it shows that Lillis is asperating, THEN I may want to really consider a GBUTTON- because that means, more than likely, it will be awhile for Lillian to get all her nutrition by mouth, although she is eating baby food. Milk and other liquids will be tough to get in her, and GBUTTON is just longer term than her NG tube. She weighs 9.01 oz today!!! And that is even though she has been spitting up/throwing up and diahrea for the last few days!!
I had someone ask me today "she was born with teeth?" lol im assuming because she was so small, i had to explain she is 6 months old! I showed up to my endocrinologist today and was told my appointment was yesterday!! DAMN! Well, there is a first time for everything... I am usually so on top of appointments... guess its mommy brain- and Im sure its here to stay! Im hoping to start getting to church on Sundays on a regular basis with a friend of mine who's son was in the NICU at the same time we were... Im definately tiring myself out, but at the same time... I dont know exactly how to "get a break" or what type of break I even need.... I feel like a change is needed and just dont know what!
A good hearted single man may work!! Hahaha! No, but really... any takers?
Hope you all had an awsome wednesday! Almost the weekend!!

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