Thursday, October 7, 2010

Swallow Study Results

Well, my computer has been broken for a week... SOOO glad to get it back :0) sadly, I would feel lost without an iphone!!
Today we went to Tx Childrens, all day, and had Lillian swallow study done- everything went WELL!! The only concerns they may have is that she have acid reflux, which they thought months ago, but I thought it went away... so we will see, they may want to put her on prevacid... but she really doesnt throw up much anymore...
I am really working on moving out, I think it will be best for me, my parents, and Lilli! So, hoping to find a roommate(s), and when I start recieving SSI, Lillian will qualify for a home nurse full time..which will help me a TON, not only emotionally, but to get things finished, and possibly get some classes in!
Other than that, things are going smoothly, her dad has been alot of help to me recently-- so that is good for us :0)
anyways, thats all for now! thanks for all the support and prayers!!

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