Tuesday, October 12, 2010

PaReNtHoOd :0)

Lillian has her 3rd ear infection! Hoping we dont get another for a LOONG time, they are already concerned with putting tubes in her ears! Everytime she seems to get an ear infection, she also seems to have crazy horrible mucus in her chest and tummy. Feeding her baby food by mouth is practically impossible because there is so much thick mucus, she throws up and coughs non stop!!
Yesterday I finally had enough of doing this "alone" and got on to my pediatricians nurse, I completely broke down like a nerd and said that someone needed to help me figure out what the HELL is going on so we can make some progress! There are so many LITTLE things, that they add up and stress me the hell out! Like, the mucus, because its slowing down the feeding process, which in turn is keeping the ng tube in, which in turn makes them tell me I need to to GBUTTON!! And her eye, for the last several months, gets soooo swollen and the top lid overlaps the bottom and it just looks CREEPY! I have had several people ask me if she is okay... Doctor originally said it was pink eye, BUT ITS NOT PINK EYE! I know that much!! Ugh!
She has 3 teefers now :0) shes getting so big, physical therapy has really started to help us as home! She is getting sooo strong!
Im still wainting on SSI info in the mail, going to make yet ANOTHER call to them tomorrow. Along with TxChildrens because I called to speak to a manager the other day about switching renal doctors (they said I couldnt do that) and its either that or I leave TxChildrens... so.. if he doesnt talk to me tomorrow, ANY SUGGESTIONS ON RENAL DOCTORS?
I am also in search of Single Mom groups, single parent groups or parents with special need groups, or SINGLE PARENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS hahaha- anything!! I need to make new friends and get out there and talk to people who know what Im dealing with! I have been getting upset at how people will go gah-gah over my close friends baby, and completely ignore Lillian... I remind myself all the time that it is because they are fearful, but, facts are facts- they ignore, and we suffer! Im going to start THANKING people for asking! Nothing better than little kids saying "whats in her nose?!?" haha, I love it! I just want to like, thank these young children for asking and talking to us!! hahaha, NOW THATS SAD!
I have also learned that I give off a very stubbornly independent vibe :0) OOPS! Workin on that one...
She is making awesome progress, she LOVES music, which I have known from day one :0) ANYONE that has my blood AND her dads blood is BOUND to have a passion for music :0)
I am still searching for roommates or housing options, I love my parents for all this support, but, I feel like I need to move out to become who I want to be! I wont go anywhere sitting under their roof! I WANT to be able to do this myself... ..... ... Im sure I'll regret saying that someday!
I hope everyone has a marvelous night. Happy Hump Day! THAT much closer to the weekend!
Lauren and Lillian

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She is absolutely precious! :)