Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Once Again... Askin for Help!!

Happy Tuesday, almost Wednesday!!
I got a phone call explaining that Lillian HAS BEEN APPROVED FOR S.S.I.!! I am SO excited about that, I am hoping for some help there. I was once told, by ECI, that by being approved for SSI, you are automatically approved for medicaid. Anyone know if I have to apply for medicaid still?
Also, any other programs or help for children with disabilities? I love getting advice from other parents and help from all around, it is all useful in some way or another..
Tomorrow I go in to MY endocrine doctor :0(   BLA. I have Graves disease, and it went into remission before I became pregnant but after Lillian was born, it struck again! So, Im sure this means MORE MEDICATIONS in our house, ugh, this time for me... After that we have her OT appointment, and then GI appointment. And Friday we go to get her eyes checked, when she cries, one of her eyelids seems to water more than the other, and swells and overlaps her bottom eyelid... its rather creepy!! Last time we saw him, he said it was probably pink eye... well, its been 2 months, ITS NOT PINK EYE!! Im sure its just a stye or something, but they have to check her vision anyways!
I am thinking about looking into going to see a therapist myself soon too if there are any suggestions there! hhahaha- just one more appointment to add to our books. May as well take advantage of this free time while Ive got it, before school next semester!
Also looking for somewhere for Lillian AND myself to get baptized soon!
Oh, other than all the boring things, she is starting to "coo" more and more, today at therapy she was all smiles and talking in her girly little voice sooo loud, it was too cute. She has some BIG top teeth coming in! Definately my fault :0( rabbit teeth! Still cute as ever though!
Ill let ya know how the GI doctor goes... Thanks for keeping up- and every prayer counts! Thanks for them all, and ALL the advice!
Have a Great Wednesday!!
Lauren and Lillian

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