Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rounding 6 Months!!

I havent gotten to write in a lonnng time! Im so thankful people still care. Im sorry.
But, on the upside, doctors appointments have NOT slowed down! hahaha! Still daily, if not, weekly for sure! She is doing wonderful! A mear 8.2 lbs!! She eats baby foods by mouth and takes 3 1/2 oz thru the NG tube. We LOVE our O.T. today Lillian did outstanding... and just smiled at her the enitre time they worked together. I hope it only gets better and better. She was diagnosed with SPD, sensory processing disorder, and we are still getting used to that, but, its just another small thing to add to the current list, and I can just see that this list will not last forever! Shes so tough. She is smiling. She has her first bottom tooth. She love this rain stick we have, and she loves green beans! She loves to be out and about with mommy, much more fun to her than sitting at home with all her plain toys, even though we are overloaded on those. She is just interested in seeing the world for now I guess! We are recieving child support bi weekly from her father, and he "tries his best" to be involved. And thats good enough for us. We have plenty keeping us busy! Today I went to school to talk about my quickest way out of there! And, I will need to sign up for the internship again next semester, get it, work 17 hrs a week there, and go to class once a week, I may also do an online class. And then, I can file for my CI- counselor intern status. And Ill have My LCDC certificate and Ci status. Then while I am completing the 10 courses left on my associates degree, I will file to do the state licencing exam for counseling... not sure what all that means yet... haha, one step at a time though! So, keep your eyes and ears open for substance abuse conselors, or anything related that I could get my feet in the door!
Also, Cy-Fair Magazine is sending out a photographer here tomorrow! We will be in the fall or holiday issue, not sure what its called, it will be out in November sometime! Our picture and story! So, Spread the word!
One more note- I am dying to put together a 5k fun run for CONGENITAL DIAPHRAGMATIC HERNIAS- any help, please please email me!!!
Thank you guys for reading and praying.
Our life is run so smoothly by the prayers through God.
Lauren and Lillian

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alane said...

Thanks for the update! So glad to hear that Lillian is eating some baby food by mouth - that's awesome! I love the picture of her too and especially the ones at the top of your blog...just beautiful! Continuing to pray for your sweet girl!