Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trying to get Back on Track!

Hey! I havent posted in awhile.... just got off schedule and have been going non stop! Im sure everyone with kids understands these moments! Lillian is SLOWLY gaining weight... not yet 8 lbs... but almost there.. 4 months old :0)
I am in SERIOUS need of PRAYERS! We need her to get some sort of sucking/swallowing down! In 2 months, we go BACK to the GI doctor and if she has not made progress, we will begin planning a Gbutton surgery- I DONT WANT THIS! I dont want to put her through another surgery, I dont think she is ready for that and I have faith that she can suck a bottle!! If anyone has or knows another child around this age with turner syndrome, PLEASE let me know :0) Id like to know if any of the slow weight gain is normal!
Other than the weight gain, she is doing AWSOME! Lifting her head and working those little hands! Always sucking and chewing her fingers :0)  We saw her daddy twice last week, while we were in San Antonio visiting my sister... The visits went awsome and all I can do is pray that he WANT to be involved, its so hard not to love her after youve met her!! He said a few things that make me smile everytime I think of it.. just talking about her sweet little noises she makes and how they could never get annoying... I THOUGHT, I KNOW!! So, hopefully he realizes he's really missing out, and the only way to fix it is to get involved.
Our week is full of doctors appointments again! Im wondering how I can get all my doctors to talk to one another and come up with a "plan" for Lillian, goals and such... Im still learning...!
I hope everyone is doing wonderful, and enjoying summer!
Lauren & Lillian

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alane said...

Lillian is a beautiful baby! I haven't worked with babies with Turner's syndrome before, but perhaps if the problem is just a sucking problem and not a swallowing problem Lilli might be able to benefit from one of these bottles normally used for cleft palate babies (who also have difficulty sucking).
Keep us posted on how she is doing!