Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Million Dolla Baby

<~~ That is all my beautiful niece and nephews and Lilli, from about 3 weeks ago!

Tomorrow we go to our occupational therapy, last wednesday we started practicing with spoons and watery baby food, just to see if she would get her tounge moving... suprisingly, as long as shes in a good mood- SHE DOES AWSOME! Maybe she will never take a bottle.. just go to a cup? We'll see! I plan on weighing her tomorrow again to see if we have thickened her up at all! I have a good feeling about it!
She had her first little cold over the weekend, just lots of congestion in the middle of the night, its going away now and she is back to her normal spoiled self! We finally got a call from the GI doctor, and have an appointment set up in a few weeks... I am ACTUALLY nervous about that one- just because I am worried they will try to push getting the Gbutton for her eating... and I HATE to do it... hate hate hate, I just want to give her a full chance... I still feel like it just hasnt been long enough!! Maybe they wont though... that'll be a relief! I just need her to gain weight, otherwise I really think they'll want me to get a Gbutton. She hasnt been throwing up NEARLY as much as before.. she has her days, but the last 2 days have been really great! For a while now I had tried holding her while she was feeding on the tube, but I think Im starting to realize, that she throws up less when she is in her carseat or rocker basinet thing... Ill test it out tomorrow!
She started to get into the baby einstein videos and things and really watching them! It is THE cutest thing ever, what a relief for me :0)   She also loves her blankets all over her face.. pretty darn cute! Next week we are going to have professional portraits done by a VERY sweet lady who found my blog on here :0) And offered us a session! I am VERY VERY excited! And THEN next friday is our child support meeting... IF someone doesnt cancel it! For her sake, I reallly hope he doesnt cancel again, Im ready to get this over and done with. If he wants to be in her life, awsome, if not... too bad for him, but we need help financially! Just got some crazy bills from the hospital in the mail..! Thank God for the support my parents have given me! I would be totally screwed! And thank you for the DONATIONS TOO! Every little bit helps!
We are going out of town for the weekend, to our ranch :0)  My fabulous friends are coming, rain or shine we will have an awsome time, and Im glad they get to spend the weekend with Lillian. Rachel has been through my side through everything, I could never ask for anyone better, but since we have been home, she has only gotten to spend one night with Lilli and I because things have been so crazy for her and I. This is will SO great for them to hang out! And Im excited to see my sister Sarah too... even though I just saw her a few weeks ago, she is always on her toes and a big help when Im feeding Lilli or putting her down for naps and stuff, its like she is very aware of doing it on her own- and even though I say I dont need help most of the time, she still asks, I love that.. I better get used to taking help soon I guess! Stubborn...
Lillian has really started workin those hands, for sucking, AND pulling! Always grabbin that tube! Im a pro. at it now!
Anyways, Thanks for keeping track of us :0) and for all the love and support, we are some VERY lucky girls!
Lauren & Lillian


Lisha said...

Since your daughter has a syndrome, you should check in to the Rider 28 program. It's a part of the medicaid system and will help with all those terrible doctor bills. It's for medically dependent children. It has helped us out tremendously - please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about it. I'm not sure where you are getting OT, but we are up at the TCH on 1960 5x a week for my daugher's therapies. If that's where you are getting therapy, Im sure we will run into each other at some point. My daugher sees Dr. Reid as her GI at the 1960 location. She's a great doctor and has helped us out a lot in regards to calorie intake and different meds to try to help with the reflux and puking and digestion. Like I said, if you need any help or have questions, please feel free to contact me!


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I was visiting the day my son opened his first bill from Stanford University Hospital for our granddaughter's first four months: it was slightly more than $1M. He started laughing. I asked what was so funny, and he said, "How else would you respond to a bill for $1M?" We have been fortunate. As a result of $2M in bills so far that the insurance company alone has paid, my son lost his job and insurance coverage. (The insurance company apparently threatened the employer with increased premiums for everyone, and that was unaffordable.) Stanford, bless the hearts of the kind people there, forgave my granddaughter's previous bills and all those that might occur (they are occurring) for another year. In the meantime, my son has found another job and has insurance again. Whew! I know what you are going through. May God watch over you and Lilli! How did the feeding end up? (Our granddaughter, fortunately, was able to make the transition to eating with no problems; my husband claims it is the Mahlou pig-out gene! All the best for forward movement in that area.)