Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weight Weight WAIT!

Hey Ya'll!
I have some angry family because I havent been updating... GEEEZE! Sometimes, there just isnt much to say and Id rather be squishing Lillians little cheekys and kissin her! hahaha
She is doing wonderful off of oxygen, doing pretty decent with her nurtamagin formula... At our weekly OT appt. we discussed the fact that Lilli can swallow well, but just not suck... so she gave me several different spoons and techniques to try, maybe she just wont suck a bottle, maybe spoon feeding and ng tube is how it will be...and that is FINE with me! I watered down some rice cereal tonight, and she ate a full teaspoon of it, she threw up in the middle of it, but I dont consider it the fault of the food, she has been real congested and that seems like its the only time she knows how to get it out. She really enjoyed it, I plan on giving her watered down cereal with every feed by spoon, while her ng tube is feeding her as well. This week has been a pretty relaxed week, one that I know I can get used to because soon all the dr appts will stop, and we will have a regualar schedule of weds. going to OT and the rest of the days cleaning, hangin out together! Next week will be another busy week, and the week after as well... but she is SUCH a trooper. She loves the car. She loooves baby einstein and mozart videos- she has one in her crib right now that she fell asleep watching. OH  thats new, I took her OUT of the basinet rocker that I had, that was real small and it folds up and i kept it directly by my bed, and I put her in her play pen basinet area- totally different than what she is used to. but I have a positioner in there and lay her on her side and she watches the baby movies and sucks her fingers! Tryin to get weight put on her... hope it works... she went down a bit when I weighed her from 2 weeks ago... just gotta keep tryin. Thanks for checkin on us... when more exciting news comes... I'll keep informing!

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Kahla said...

Sounds like ya'll are doing just fine! She is a doll!!