Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 16th

Lillian is slowly being taken off of her morphine drip, which she has been on since the night she was born. Today, they decided to take it even more slowly than before, and having to give her Ativan during the day as she gets upset and uncomfortable. I HATE that ativan, Im glad it's helping her feel better, but she just lays limp when she has taken it. Today she and I laid in the recliner for 3 1/2 hrs together, we both snoozed a bit together.. Her oral therapist came in as well to teach me how to work with stimulating Lilli's mouth muscles. She taught me some neat techniques and Lilli sucked a little bit but we need MUCH more work! If she can get this down then we can get the feeding tube out and we can be ON OUR WAY HOME!


Amanda Hoyt said...

That is sooooo awesome, Lauren!!! I am so encouraged by this news! You could be home soon, then :)
God is awesome - you are awesome - and Lilli is awesome!!!

Let us know if you need ANYTHING!

Love, hugs and prayers,

Dornak Blog said...

That is wonderful news! So glad that you got over 3 hrs of bonding time with sweet Lilli Bug! I know that was good for BOTH of you!

Kamille said...

Hi - came here from McMama's tweets.

My son was in the NICU for just one week and it was horrendous to not be able to bring him home, so we understand a little of your pain. Our son also has multiple health issues including genetic mutations, congenital heart defects, midline organ defects, and a blood disorder. BUT...he is the happiest, sweetest, most loving 19 month old ever. He brings us more joy than we ever knew existed. We are gearing up for his third surgery next week and while we hate going thru this again, we know his life makes our lives complete. We are praying for your sweet beautiful girl. And for you. This is a tough road you are on, but that little girl will make it all worth it. I know, because our son makes every bump, turn, and detour bearable with his joy.

Hang in there!

Lauren and Lillian said...

I am so glad you have such a huge blessing Kamille! I know this was brought into my life and this tiny ones life for a reason! We are TOUGH TOUGH ladies and ready to take it on! Its scary, and it'll be long, and it WILL be difficult for me... but that is what I hope to find from this- help, and support of any sort. Good luck with the upcoming surgery, I know how scary that is. Gods hands are over those doctors...He will be safe!
God bless and Thank you so much

Kamille said...

Lauren - You are tough. There were so many nights (still are!) I cry and feel so sad for my baby's struggles, but ultimately my husband and I keep saying, "He was given to us for a reason, because we are the best people to be the best mommy and daddy to him in the whole world." And I know Lillian was made for you because you are the best woman in the whole world to be the best mommy to her. No one else could do as good of a job of loving her as you do and will. Always, always, always know that. Love her fiercely.