Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 24th

Today was such a GREAT GREAT day. The morphine is now being given every 6 hours and Lillian is handeling it well, they are concerned with her high blood pressures- so monday they will do a scan of her kidneys to check for clots. But if nothing is present, then it is just a sign of withdrawals from the med. She has been practicing sucking with her occupational therapist and they use the binki or finger to get her to suck, and then they squirt a very little ammount of my breast milk from a syring into her mouth while she is sucking... then the tough part is the swallow. But she has the hang down of the suck, just gotta get that swallow... and then make sure she's breathing!! and THEN no more nose toob!! I am trained and learned how to go home with an NG tube, and I WANT TO. Today Lilli sucked on her binki for a min. or more without any help or hands on it! Shes ready for the real thing... I cant wait to get her out of there and be with me! She swung in the swing Mrs. Amanda brought her :0)
She loved it... and today Her Auntie Rachel got to hold her for a long time! Yesterday, Auntie Kaitlin held her for a long time too! She's a popular little pip squeek!  She has so much love its just wonderful! Im sure she'll be a spoiled little nugget! I love all my support!! Thank yall!

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Amanda Hoyt said...

Awesome update!!! Can't wait to see pics of Lilli sucking on her binki (or bottle VERY) soon!!!!! :)
love y'all