Friday, May 7, 2010

Bringin ya Up to date!

Well, Lillian did NOT get to come home yesterday :0(
Her blood pressure is not under control yet and they need to watch it and keep tweeking the medicine bit by bit. I was disapointed, and angry. I told the doctors, you have been watching her blood pressure stay the same ALL week, and you wait until the day before she was supposed to be discharged to tell me that she's not. So Weds. night I had planned on "rooming in" - they have rooms, just like hotel rooms, they bring you food and everything, and you and your baby stay a night together before going home, to make sure there are no questions about any machines or anything. I had that all planned out and told Lillian I was gonna stay with her and then we'd go home! And they cancelled it... cuz I wasnt gonna be able to go home. So I went up to the hospital and slept with her in the recliner all night.. or attempted to- much easier to take naps than sleep there for a night! The night nurse made me a sweet birthday card FROM Lillian and it said something like- Mommy, Happy birthday, I cant wait to play with you today! I know you are sad because I cant come home, but I am worth the wait, I promise! I love you soo much Mommy, Happy Birthday.... OH MY GOSH, I CRIIIEEED and cried! It was the sweetest thing ever. I KNEW I chose her for a reason! What a big heart she has :0)
Oh my gosh, I just deleted 3 more paragraphs I had typed,... grrr. Anyways, I am not retyping all of them, but want to say thank you for the birthday wishes, and prayers.
I'll keep  everyone updated as best I can!
(nurse snapped our picture while we slept)
Lauren and Lillian

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Kahla said...

I'm so sorry that Lillian wasn't able to come home, but the nurse is right, she will so be worth the wait!

Happy Birthday a little late, may this just be the beginning of the best year yet! (which you know it will with that sweet baby girl) :o)