Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We Did IT!!!!

God is truly amazing. He has brought my angel SO far within these 6 weeks, I never thought this would happen so quickly. From not knowing at all whether my baby was even going to live at all, to going through the thoughts in my head (because of doctors) of whether I would even want her to live through a life *thank God I did not have to decide on that*, to having my beautiful baby COMING HOME WITH ME THIS THURSDAY! Wow, so many people have really touched my heart during this that I thank God every night(if I dont fall asleep randomly) for all the amazing people in our lives, or that arent EVEN in our lives!
So yes, this Thursday, my 24th birthday I'll be bringing Lillian home. I am kind of nervous of how I will work out a schedule for the two of us and nervous about how she will handle coming home at all- just all the excitement and new things, but I really hope in the long run it is best for her to be here. Im hoping that I made the right desicion about not getting a G-button for feedings and that she will really thrive here at home and accomplish bottle feedings soon. I'd hate to have to bring her back to the hospital and have another surgery done! Today my mom and I did our infant CPR certification, which TCH does for free for families before they leave. And I applied my 4th NG tube, and I got it down now! I am filling up with sooo much information that Im scared I'll forget it all, but they will be putting it all on paper for me and helping me a little bit by making doctor appts for me to follow up this first time... I have to find a pediatrician by Friday, I am hoping for one in a Texas Childrens center near our house, that coresponds to TCH downtown, or a pediatrician who is very familiar with Turner Syndrome. Either one would be nice. I did her bottle feeding today and I just love the OT that we have. I am always asking her if she can do outpatient for us.. wish she could.. She is so loving with Lilli and she constantly assures me, it doesnt matter how much she actually drinks, just that she is trying and ENJOYING the time with the bottle. :0) She's so good at her job!
I think I have a final tomorrow in my class... but Im not even sure... hopefully I can do it online if I do because this week is way to busy for me to drive out to the woodlands for class. I am still working on making sure things are together at the house for Lillian. Home Health care people have to come by the house.. I have lots of Dr's appointments to make, get in contact with ECI- (early childhood intervention) and make appointments for them to come out to the house and assess her and see what types of help we can get to come to our house for her. And of course on top of all this important info, I've got to deal with child support crap. :0)
As long as the week goes smoothly and she keeps up the healthy work she's doin and gets to where she belongs *home with mama* then I will be JUST WONDERFUL!
Thanks again for all your prayers.


Kahla said...

Congratulations, I'm so excited for ya'll and your new journey!!! I will be cheering you on and sending lots of prayers!

Cornellbunch said...

Hey Lauren~ I know a pediatrician that has an office Downtown (near the Astrodome). Don Schaffer is his name and he is MAGNIFICENT! He was my kids' pediatrician AND mine! Good luck finding a doctor (if you don't want to use him...no hard feelings ;)

I am SO happy for you!!! Congratulations, Happy Birthday, and I STILL need to get with you and give you this gift! She might be too big for it by the time I see you at the rate she is growing!!!!;)

Kami said...

Fantastic! So VERY completely happy for both of you. You will do great. Be prepared to be even more tired, but it is all worth it!!! Enjoy and best, best, best wishes for a smooth, healthy, and very happy homecoming and transition!!

Amanda Hoyt said...

So so excited, Lauren, and yes, Praise the Lord for all of His blessings in your life <3
Wish I could take the day off tomorrow to be there to welcome you home, but hope to at least come by this weekend to say hey!!
Love ya'll!

Kami said...

Thinking of you girls today! Happy Birthday and Happy Homecoming!