Monday, May 24, 2010

Loco Weekend

Well! We made it! And the trip went so well! She does so great in the car, and now I know I can do it alone... She loved the outside air, I didnt try to pool or hottub just yet... that can be trip 2 to loco!
My niece haleigh finally go tto see her and held her alll day for 2 whole days. NO JOKE. Nice for me because I got some much needed sun therapy! This week is full of appointments too though, so for the weekend, Im thinking of something destressing!
Today ECI came by... it seemed pretty pointless, but they are sending a nutritionist out next week, maybe more productive steps will be taken then! Tomorrow we have to go for paternity testing, bright and early! Weds we go see our pediatric surgeon so he can look at his work I guess... I need to ask about her belly button as well though... and Thursday I talk with the lawyer again.
I was really concerned one day last week about the gbutton vs. NG TUBE ( whihc she has) , I asked for advice and did some research, and what I have found, I am convinced that I should take the harder route. Because, although it may be harder on me, and even a bit hard on her, in the long run, she will reach the level I want her at, which is sucking and eating normally. I know she can do it, and I dont want to lower my expectations of her. Now if something were to happen and she wasnt gaining or had any problems, I wouldnt resist the gbutton, but for me, now, Im going to take the long hard road. So expect lots of aggrivations sometimes! haha, no Im trying to stay positive!
I am going to start adding formula to her breastmilk... Im hoping that will thicken her up and thicken up in her belly to reduce vomiting. I have been practicing at EVERY feed a bottle or my chest... at nicht she does well on my chest so I may try that each night before I feed her. I hope I still have prayers out ther for us- Id really love for her to catch up on the sucking, thats one tube out of her nose!! and that would be AWSOME! the oxygen... that'll come in time I guess... And Im praying that her dad will see what an amazing, perfect litlte girl she is and how happy she could make his life! Wont hold my breath!
Well, Going to catch some sleep before the testing tomorrow! And then to visit the Turner Foundation! yaayy!
Thank you all,
Lauren & Lillian

We're Grateful forL
*Our big, supportive family
*Our new and old friends
*The fundraisers!
*good role models
*my angel from above, my pipsqueek!

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