Sunday, November 21, 2010

Movin On Up!!! - Updates from November 20 and November 21

Great news has been traveling fast!  Lillian is progressively getting BETTER and was moved up and out of the PICU today!!

Please see below the events that led up to Lillian's move on up :)

November 20
"I have been fighting with the nurses 24/7.  We have to be too close to the next patient"

"So, that's the only area for me to sit.  And where that nurse is, that's the other patient's bed.  They have the little girl's mom, dad, grandma and two brothers in the room visiting."

"Lilli is in the polka dot bed.  And you can see that there is only a foot and a half between beds..."

"You can only have one visitor (according to the rules) and no one under 14.  But they are having 4 visitors and the brothers are both under 14!"

When Lauren asks the nurses about it they say "I can't move bed spaces because more patients may come in.  And to be patient because she'll be moved to another floor soon."

"Left is Lillian's bed.  Right is Esmerelda's bed.  And because the oxygen cord is so short, I can only sit right where I am (where I'm taking the pic).  Esmerelda is 2 years old and has surfactant deficiency (lung disorder) and some of the things that she's going through are right next to Lillian and her bed.  Not sanitary, at all."

"I would try to fight more for our "rights" and have us moved somewhere else, but we are already going thru this ICU trauma."

November 21 
"I just have one of those feelings that today is going to be fabulous... Let's GO Lillian! Cheering for her, screw all the games on today ;-)~"
"We get a private room with Lilli on the 7th floor, progressive care unit!!!! Whew! Almost out hopefully! Now I get to sleep w her!!! And have my own shower bathroom!!!!!!  I knew today was gonna have somethin good ;-)"

"Lillian is getting better.  She is being weened off high flow oxygen.  Her ativan is weened to every 6 hours and methadone is down to every 8.  She is done with Antibiotics!  She weighs 10.3 pounds now!! When she arrived in the hospital on November 11 she weighed 9.3 pounds!!  Tomorrow will know more because her pulmonary team will come visit!!"

All of this is great news and we are so excited that Lillian is getting better.  Please pray for continued progress and health for Lillian.
Thank you!

Here are some more pics of Lillian taken over the last few days:


Sanjuanita said...

Hi, my name is Sanjuanita I am a CDH mom of a 11 month old baby girl here from houston. My aunt lives in Cypress and recieved the Cy Fair Mag. On baby Lillian. She called me to go online and read the article. Lillian story has touched my heart!! Please know that you are not alone and there is other families in Houston with CDH babies. Please let me know if you need anything at all or just need someone to talk to I am here. My cell # is 713-295-9617. Praying for baby Lillian to have a fast recovery.

Sanjuanita said...

I am sorry also you can reach me by email at . I would love to get to know you and baby Lillian!!

justin jones said...

Hi my name is Justin i just recently heard about Lillian and this site and i just wanted to let Lillian and Her Mother know that they are both in my prayers { Much Love And Many Prayers } also if there's any thing i could do my number is 830-480-7274