Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving with meaning!

I dont think I have ever been as thankful in my life as I am this year.
 I am so thankful for everyone reading this that sends their prayers and thoughts and kind words to us!
I am obviously SOO thankful for my daughter :)
For Amanda Hoyt for making me this blog to spread the word on CDH and TS.
For Doctors and nurses
For my amazing family
For the having the best friends I could ever ask for
For kind people who volunteer :)
For encouraging words from strangers
For the internet because its been the best support group yet- Gina,Janine,Donna,Sarah...
For God, for giving me Lillian for strength, as my backbone, and to let me know that Im THAT special that I get a special kiddo :)
Hmmm.. thats my short, of the top of my head list!
Amanda has been updating, so Thank you, but while I had a second I wanted to say thanks:0)

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Anonymous said...

My Darling Lauren, you are a very loving, caring and strong Mommy. Your post is one of your best, and shows how much you appreciate all the help given to you and Lillian. May God be kind to the two of you and I pray that he keeps giving you and Lillian the strength and courage to continue on your most difficult journey. God bless you and Lillian.

I love you and Lillian with all my heart.