Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sorry for the delay - Updates from Nov. 18 thru Nov. 20

Lauren, I'm so glad you were able to update the blog last night.  I wish we all could do more than pray.  I'm sure all of your followers feel the same way.  Please let us know if there is anything specific you need while you and Lillian are in the PICU.

Because I was unable to update the blog on Thursday and Friday, I collected Lauren's facebook posts in  order to update you on Lillian's progress.

Please forgive me, Lauren, if I go over anything you put in your blog post earlier.


Thursday (November 18)

“I can't wait until tomorrow. Everyone say a short prayer that I get to hold Lillian after 7 days of watching her lie there!!!! Been there done that, got a tshirt! Ready to move on!!!!”


“Extubation was miserable. Just one more experience to add to the list. Poooooor Lilli. She is doing OK now, just working on getting her heart rate down. It was at 220. She is on a nasal canula and they r giving her some meds to calm her down. She can never do things the simple way...!!!”


“I am officially admitting that I'm either the worlds strongest mom, or I'm heartless. That experience was Sooo damn stressful and psychotic.. And I'm still living and dry eyed... I'm sure it'll come out the second someone pushes one of my buttons!!! :-)”

 Friday (November 19)


"Another long. Hard. Unpleasant phase of life has begun. If only everyone lived near me that could understand :-( Not able to calm my own baby. Having to give her more meds. All because she doesn't like these tubes up her nose and tape touching her.... My poor baby. I wish my TS support moms lived closer"


"They began steroids to reduce swelling in her throat.  Gave her Ativan at midnight and we will give Methadone at 1."


"Alright so. They r only giving breathing treatments as needed, don't seem to be worried about the crud. The steroid could make them a little crazy- agitated, Ect... So not worried about that. Watching her today, may be moving upstairs in te next couple days. Which is the progressive care until where mre ppl can visit.... They are not going to go down on the flow of her oxygen just yet, maybe tonight."


"I'm so grateful for this beautiful child I have."


 "Took a break today to get my hair done and relax. I regret it. Shoulda stayed."


"She had a rough day while I was gone.  She's ok now.  Heart rate is 130 and she is sleeping now."


 "The only way I could get her to sleep was by UNswaddling and giving her silky.  This is what she did with it."


"Sleeping. She just wants to leave! So she decided to hide til it's time."

Saturday (November 20)

 "Catching up on ZZzz's"

"I'm going to f*ing punch these stupid ass uncaring nurses in their lazy ass faces. GET US OUT OF HEERREE!!! - none of this is directed Towards my Nicu nurses, I wish you could all rotate down here for me. I'd pay you out of pocket!"


"She's doing better. They just need to start weening Her oxygen now"


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