Friday, November 19, 2010

It's me! Updating from my phone this Friday evening!

Lillian was EXtubated yesterday(they took tubes out)
It was just another experience to add to the list, she sure hates cooperating!
Her heart rate was around 220 for an hour!! We jut could NOT calm her!!! Yesterday really broke me down. Trying to work my magic and staying strong for her wore me out emotionally. I haven't even held her today really... I attempted to go rejuvenate myself by getting my hair cut and relaxing, but I'm mad at myself for leaving because there was drama with her. Luckily my sister was here with her. With methadone and atavan her heart rate has gone down and she is getting formula in her belly again now... Hopefully only a few more days here... Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support and prayers. God deals some pretty wild cards for us!!!!


Kahla said...

So glad she is doing better, continuing to send lots of prayers!!

Mrs. Meleski said...

What a sweet angel. You, Lillian and your family are all in my prayers. Love you.

Dawn said...

Found you today through the article. Now have your blog bookmarked and will pray daily! Anything CHERUBS can do, we're here!!!