Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Update on Lillian's Progress (11/16 thru 11/17)

Praise the Lord! Lillian is getting better!

I have the following updates from Lauren:

November 16:

"Begining weening. But nothing official. Slowly lowering vet settings. Hopefully late tonight will be off. BUT now, abnormal signs on her left lung, which was the originally undeveloped lung. They are looking into it. I have called her pediatric surgeon and her pulmonary dr to discuss and get an idea of what may be wrong. That's the days update for now!"

"I'm so glad I learned how to be my own best friend before all this...
It's the best advice I can give anyone. Because sitting up here alone is just loads of miserableness but I know how to comfort and entertain myself!!"

"She got ahold of some fingers!! And smiled at me today! I believe she's ready... She told me so..."

November 17:

"Plan is to cut feeds in middle of night, and try no vent tomorrow!"

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