Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Update on Lillian (11-15-10)

Lillian is getting a bit better & Momma Lauren is just hoping and praying that she gets to get extubated and gets to go home soon.

In her own words, please see below - her heart is hurting now. Please pray for her and for Lillian's health.

Thank you,

"Laying in room at Ronald McDonald house. I hate this journey I'm on right now. Dying to bring my buggy home and hold her and see a smile!!!! ... I literrally think I'm dying. Ouch"

"Okay! Enough whining for the day- gotta get out of this squeeky ass Rondald Mcdonald house bed that has now ruined my back (had to get one more complaint in) AND OFF to go see my bundle of sweetness. Hopefully doctors rounds will fill my Monday with great news!"

"Update is: no real talk about weening ventilator. They will lower settings, but, not ween off anytime soon. Giving her 7-10 days worth of meds they use for pneumonia. Lowering pain meds (which to me is good sign bc they do that in order to test her off ventilator)."

"Uugghh I want to hold her and snuggle!! This time is so much harder than before.. :-(
I need a representing doctor just for Lilli... I hate the way this Picu is run!! (said I was done whining. I lied.)"

"I just looked thru allllll my friends on Facebook with kids Lillis age or younger, and.... Lilli is not like them. And that's hard. I hope you all know that that is hard for me. Bla"

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