Monday, December 6, 2010


Hi everyone!
I am soo happy today! Thank you God, because I was waiting for a dose of hope and happiness. Prayers have been answered! First, obviously, Thanks be to God. But secondly to my awesome friend Jeff, he makes a great partner for me and loves Lillian tremendously. I have a hard time excepting him into my life, for reasons of teetering with right and wrong and is this a good time, ect... but it doesnt change the fact, that he was there for her entire hospitalization this last time. Sleeping in rickedy beds with me, on recliners and being plan old stressed out in the crazy environment and still managing to go to work and come back, happy. THAT is amazing. :0)
Lillian has begun eating! Slowly, but better than ever! She has eaten Oatmeal this morning, 3 tablespoons of it(before mixed) to be exact, and a danimals yougurt  and 2 Tbs of fruit flavored rice cereal! She is 10 lbs.
She is 23 1/2 inches long. She has been doing great at holding foods down.
We got another God sent pediatrician- Dr. Ramsey. She put lillian on breathing treatments, for "asthma" as a precautionary, and... ITS WONDERFUL!!
We start OT and PT back up at home now, starting weds!! And we are also starting speech next week!
I am having a hard time juggling life in itself and trying to get to where I need to be... (my own feet) if anyone out in the world can help me... find a house... get a job... anything ... I am ready. Working from home would be the most amazing thing I could ask for for right now, b/c lillians appointments are crazy! So PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!
Thank you all for so many prayers, we have come so far, and are going to keep going, and I know that every single prayer worked. Tons of love for all of my TS and CDH mommies.. now that Im home and back into routine... things should get easier...
Thank you everyone, and also, PAWPAW,
I love you!

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