Monday, March 12, 2012

Sorry about the wait...

My account was hacked into and this site had been down for awhile and with the busy life Lillian has me leading... I am just now getting on to see... the issue has been fixed! So Im going to post a few pictures of her year as being ONE year old... and SATURDAY is her 2nd birthday party!

I wish I was organized enough in my life to write down our daily events... but I dont... So here is a very short, probably completely inaccurat recap of Lillian being one year old.
So right before she turned one, she got her GBUTTON and FUNDO. ... well well well.... THAT didnt last long, she pulled out her gastro. tube before it even had a chance to heal!! What a story that was!
My mom left to take Lillian to the emergency room and forgot that I never got in the car!!! She got all the way there until she realized she was alone with Lillian... and my mom... ha! she was a wreck... when i walked into the ER, Lilli was in her car seat still buckled and next to her in the chair was my mom, with her sunglasses still on her face. red as hell.!!! She thought I had been in the car the whole time!! yes... she isnt good at the crazy situations~ it takes a special type of person i guess!!

Summer of 2011 was fun, I took lilli to the river, she got in the cold cold water and loved it... She got tubes in her ears in July 2011..
She was pebbles for halloween :0) the cutest thing ever!
In November we moved to Austin with Ms. Kaitlin Werring... It has blossomed me into the mom I hoped to be... and Lillian has blossomed so much as well! We have switched therapy centers a few times, but, I found one Im confident in and love to death. And things are progressing! Lillian still takes GH shots nightly. And is still gtube fed every 3 hours. She is on pedialyte now. At almost 24 mmonths old she is 27 1/2 inches and 22 pounds! She is rolling and almost ready to get into that crawling position!
She had a set back in January when we noticed swealing in her left leg- it was 3 fractures.
She had a HUGE cast on for 6 weeks and they healed well. She has low bone density and is on suppliments. I havent learned too much about it yet, but will soon from the doctor. Just taking us a while to get in....
I hope you follow us on facebook because I definalty keep that updated daily!
I just hired a part time nurse through MDCP for Lillian. And Lillian LOVES her- she is young and happy and lilli loves that. I am interviewing more nurses this week for a more full time nurse. Im looking for work now that all of this is FINALLY coming together. And plan on going to school full time now.
Im ready to get mine and Lillians life on a roll....
I thank all the postive people supporting us, and thank all the negative people for opening my eyes to see brighter futures for my daughter and I.
Lauren & Lillian

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