Wednesday, March 14, 2012

If it aint one thang, its another!

Lillian and I had an ER visit yesterday to DELL CHILDRENS hospital here in Austin,Tx. I had been concerned about her right leg looking a little chunkier than the left, and then yesterday (tuesday) her OT commented about Lillian not wanting to bare weight on it. I was scared to death that it was going to be a fracture and that I would go through the ringer with CPS again... NO FRACTURES! We came home last night, I continued lymphatic massaging to see if the swelling may be edema, nothing changed so we had to go to get 12 cc's of blood drawn for her today at ST. DAVIDS hospital. They are checking her blood levels, thyroid, para thyroid, calcium and some other things I cant even remember!
It is common for girls with Turner Syndrome to have thyroid issues and since she is reaching 2, an age where most girl are first diagnosed with TS, Im hoping that is what it is. They are also checking coritzone (i think) levels because it is common with AGENISIS OF THE CORPUS COLLOSUM that those levels may be off as well.
She recently had a minor rash, that the pedi. assumed was excema, and I treated it by using EMU oil- best stuff ever!! But along with the rash she has had red puffy cheeks and constipation... all within the last month, so I am assuming all this blood with give us some answers! HOPE!
During the blood draw today they had to poke her twice- which is nothing compared to a normal visit, I really thing the lymphatic massaging, reducing the edema in her hands and feet had to take part in them actually being able to get veins today! And out of each poke they got blood... only had to do a second one because she jumped and the needle came out of her vein on the first :0(
She fell asleep and the nurses were worried- I explaned that this was not the 1st... nor 2nd... nor 50th time that we have been through this, so Lillian knows the drill! May as well take a nap!
Her first nurse ever, Amber, comes tomorrow and is going to spend a full day here! It'll be the first full day! And I am thrilled to get tons of errands accomplished in one day! In fact... I have put off all my errand runnnig this week knowing that Id need to keep busy thursday!
Cant wait to post pictures of Lillians 2nd birthday party this saturday!!
Keep the bug in your prayers until all the blood work comes back!

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